The 5th most-watched web video

Earlier this year, we pointed out an article that suggested that the Exploding Whale may have been the first example of a viral video. Now the BBC is reporting that our beloved Exploding Whale video — which you can watch right here — is the fifth most watched viral video on the web! On the whale, they have this to say:

A TV news clip from 1970 of an exploding whale – in which giant pieces of whale blubber rained down on people a quarter of a mile away – has been viewed 350 million times and earned its own website.

The article says that marketing company The Viral Factory has “collated page impression figures from websites such as YouTube” in order to determine how many times several very popular web videos have been viewed. Here’s their ranking of the videos (and estimated number of views):


  1. Star Wars Kid (900m)
  2. Numa Numa (700m)
  3. One Night In Paris (400m)
  4. Kylie Minogue for Agent Provocateur (360m)
  5. The Exploding Whale (350m)
  6. John West Salmon Bear Fight (300m)
  7. Trojan Games (300m)
  8. Kolla2001 (200m)
  9. AfroNinja (80m)
  10. The Shining Redux (50m)

BlueOregon is also covering this story and has kindly linked directly to our site.

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