An exploding whale in the “Reno 911!: Miami” movie

Has anyone seen the new movie, Reno 911!: Miami? Apparently, the “Reno 911” crew blows up the carcass of a dead whale they find on Miami’s South Beach.

There’s a reference to it in the following Chicago Herald News interview with two of the actors.

Dangle and Junior recounted the rest of their life-altering experiences from the Miami adventure — ranging from staying in seedy motels to coping with south Florida’s unrelenting humidity to hauling a dead whale’s carcass across South Beach.

Q. About that whale?

Dangle: Now, just so you know. That whale was totally, completely and ABSOLUTELY dead when we got there.

Junior: That’s right! There is no offense in blowing up something that was already dead. That dang thing was like 10 tons of rotting blubber. I thought blowing it up was a great idea!

Dangle: We expedited this beached whale from the place that it was at … to a different state. By a different state, I mean from a solid mass to a light mist of blubber that rained down over a rather large section of South Beach.

Junior: One piece actually did make it to a real different state — up there in Augusta, Ga.

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Of course, you could also just go watch the trailer on the movie’s website! These still frames speak volumes:




I won’t be able to watch this until it comes out on DVD — and then it has to get through my Netflix queue — so if you’ve seen the movie, please post your comments. How long is the whale scene? Are there any verbal references to Oregon’s whale? Any other points of interest?

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4 Responses to “An exploding whale in the “Reno 911!: Miami” movie”

  1. fred beiler Says:

    blowing up the beached whale? not original-actually happened in real life-Florence,Oregon in 1970.

  2. Administrator Says:

    You don’t say? 🙂

    Fred, next time you click by, take a look around the rest of the site!

  3. Layman Says:

    ^^That’s too funny! “If it was a snake…”^^

  4. R1SockMonkey Says:

    You can catch the clip here: