Another Bob Welch reference

Register-Guard columnist and perennial exploding whale enthusiast Bob Welch has once again referenced Oregon’s exploding whale in one of his columns.

In “Dozer, not dynamite, eases whale’s final passage” — part of his “Where are they now?” series — Welch discusses the fate of the 40-foot gray whale that recently washed up on Oregon’s coast just a few miles north of where Oregon’s original exploding whale met its infamous end.

He says:

First, rest easy: The whale was not blown up with dynamite, one of those seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time methods used in 1970 in Florence — that wound up busting car windshields and triggering lawsuits.

He goes on to explain how the recent whale was pushed 100 yards to a sandy location, buried, exposed by the next high tide, and then finally reburied above the high-tide line. The column has been added to our newspaper article section here:

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