Dead Whale Births Live Show

Chris Gummert

The Oregon exploding whale has had quite a life: first, the original news reel followed by endless anniversary pieces… then Dave Barry’s hilarious article… and recently it became the 5th most popular video on the web. Can Broadway be far behind? Not if Chris Gummert has anything to say about it. Gummert has written a one man show about the event called Countdown: The Story of the Exploding Whale that is making it’s Chicago debut on October 10th, 2007.

“This is such a great theater city,” Gummert said. “I’m thrilled to be putting the show up in Chicago,”

Gummert debuted his multi-media performance earlier this year at the Iowa Fringe Festival to rave reviews… even from some of his harshest critics.

“I think my mom might have broken down and smiled during this show,” Gummert enthused. “Ebert and Roeper have got NOTHING on that rating!”

Gummert plans on touring the show extensively throughout the next year and a half. Information about his show, including tour dates and contact information, can be found on his web site: The show runs Wednesday nights at the Apollo Theater in Chicago through the end of November. The clip below will give you a taste of what you’re in for!

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