37th Anniversary of Oregon’s Exploding Whale

On this, the 37th anniversary of Oregon’s Exploding Whale, let us engage in a little thought experiment.

For a moment, just pause and reflect upon all those things in your life that you take way too seriously… that cause you to lose sleep or to sleep too much… that create stress and anxiety in your life. Consider those times where you’ve been so focused on what is wrong or what you find offensive or what you take too personally. Examine those attitudes that lead to denial, delusion, and defiance.

And now ask yourself: Wherein lies the good? Wherein lies the happiness? Wherein lies the humor?

For me, the Exploding Whale embodies this view of life and the world around us. Sure, this sounds silly, but it’s really a classic example of the thought experiment above. I’ve always been intrigued by the dichotomy induced by the events of November 12, 1970. Some people immediately see the hilarity, folly, and absurdity of what happened, while others see it only as tragic and depressing, a sad commentary on humans in general (not to mention yours truly). How do you see it?

Happy anniversary, Exploding Whale!

The anniversary earned mention on a few sites.

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One Response to “37th Anniversary of Oregon’s Exploding Whale”

  1. Greg Williams Says:

    I just wanted to let you know about a comic I drew about Oregon’s exploding whale, which was published in Monday’s Wikipedia Signpost (11/12/07).

    WikiWorld, a weekly online comic, is based on topics from the archives of Wikipedia. Over the past year, I had been directed to the “exploding whale” article by a few different people.

    You can find the comic here:

    Greg Williams
    WikiWorld cartoonist