38th Anniversary of Oregon’s Exploding Whale

Today, November 12, 2008, is the 38th anniversary of Oregon’s Exploding Whale. Some years this date almost passes by unnoticed. But not this year.

It is perhaps because the events of this day in 1970 stand in such dramatic contrast to the many truly serious events and changes currently taking place in the world — among them, global warming, ongoing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, an international economic crisis, the lasting effects of the Bush presidency, and the hope for enduring change under an Obama presidency — that I was, ironically, compelled to lightheartedly celebrate this year’s Exploding Whale anniversary.

So, after you observe the requisite moment of silence for our beloved cetacean detonation, you need to the following:

  1. Go watch the original video. (Yeah, I know you’ve seen it before. Go watch it again — it’s a CLASSIC, remember?!?)
  2. Now, do something that really matters: go take a look around this interesting site: The World’s Biggest Problems created by The Arlington Institute.

As usual, I’ll update this post with any media coverage of the anniversary….

Happy Exploding Whale Day!

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