Exploding Whale Tribute Song

Here it is folks — a brand new tribute song for the Exploding Whale!

Click the play button on the embedded SoundCloud player below and then read on to learn about the artist and his inspiration….

Johnny Stuka’s SoundCloud profile reads as follows:

Johnny Stuka is the pilot of a stolen Stuka Dive Bomber that crashed into the English Channel in 1999. Fortunately his life raft inflated. Unfortunately, his whistle sunk to the bottom. Since then he has bobbed on the currents, occassionally sighting the white cliffs but always whilst being driven back out to sea by weather. More recently he has sighted France but is unsure how close he should go.

Behind the cryptic myth of Johnny Stuka is London-based singer/songwriter John Harry Littleton-Stuka. John has played with numerous bands and musicians over the years, including London-based Stuka Dive Bomber during the 1990s and more recently the gypsy jazz outfit, Le Chutneys. But Littleton-Stuka says he’s always had a special place in his heart for the sea shanty, albeit with “a post modern tilt.”

Having not composed anything original for several months, John had started to doubt his muse. But when he recently happend upon the tale of the exploding whale on listverse.com, it was clear that John’s muse was alive and well.

“The song arrived almost ready written,” he claims. He particularly enjoyed the “marvellous accompanying narrative by Mr Linnman” and the Oldsmobile being “completely totalled by a humongous slab of flying blubber.” John hopes that his “somewhat odd” take on the story “brings a smile to exploding whale fans everywhere, in the same way it has cheered and inspired me.”

The inspiration John drew from the Exploding Whale didn’t stop at a song, though:

I believe the whale is even now guiding events from beyond the ether and that his death and subsequent detonation by the authorities has all been part of an even greater tale, as yet to unfold.

John, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Long live the Oregon Exploding Whale!

Below you’ll find a link to the complete lyrics plus several ways you can connect with John.

If you’ve been inspired by Oregon’s Exploding Whale, drop us a line! We’d love to share your song, artwork, video, etc. with our audience.

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