Columnist and Exploding Whale fan Bob Welch retires

Long-time Register-Guard columnist Bob Welch, ardent fan of the Exploding Whale, wrote his last column on December 5, 2013.

Bob’s many columns mentioning Oregon’s Exploding Whale have long been featured on this site. Bob wrote several columns that featured Oregon’s Exploding Whale prominently, but he also loved to weave in references to the Exploding Whale in columns that had nothing to do with it.

While he’s leaving the newspaper business, he plans to remain active as a writer and speaker. And even though he didn’t work in a mention of the Exploding Whale in his final column, we here at the still wish him all the best.

Because he was such a fan of the Exploding Whale, it only seems fitting that we memorialize his final column on our site — even though it doesn’t mention our favorite topic!

Links to his interview with KLCC and the original RG column appear below:


KMTR aired a story about Bob’s retirement in late January:

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