“The Exploding Whale Song” by Dan Tanz

Here at TheExplodingWhale.com, we love seeing people inspired by our favorite topic. Recently, banjoist, guitarist, and songwriter Dan Tanz was reminded of Oregon’s exploding whale by a friend, who later passed away. Inspiration comes in many forms. In memory of his friend, Dan did what comes naturally and wrote a song. He posted it to his YouTube channel, Songwriter Circle.

And so without further ado, we present “The Exploding Whale Song,” performed and sung by Dan Tanz:

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One Response to ““The Exploding Whale Song” by Dan Tanz”

  1. Andrew Clark Says:

    This is a wonderful article about a wondrous event that has become an iconic piece of Oregon history. Who else would think about blowing up a whale but an Oregonian? We have ingenuity and originality on our side and the world was shown – and greatly appreciated – those facts! Viva Oregon!! Andrew