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onyeze from lokoja Aba <onyeze (at)>
Sun Dec 12 14:22:50 2004

Okay, people! IT WAS DEAD. It wasn’t alive. It seems to me that you moaners need chill out and see the humor in this. My parents were down there then, having grown up in Florence, and my mom was at first horrified when the stink, oil and carcass flew all over the place, but as what happens when most people’s adrenaline subsided, her and my dad found it absolutely hilarious.
Look, I don’t condone this action were the animal alive, but relax a little. It won’t kill ya!
Josh from Portland, OR USA <prof_emt (at)>
Tue Nov 30 13:27:24 2004

Great material, very interesting. However, on all the exploding whale sites, none of the hi-res streams have ever worked for me. Only the dumb lo-res works. Is this true for other people? Are we doomed to see only the blurry, impressionistic exploding whale?
Tristan from Oregon US <ubership (at)>
Sun Nov 28 16:53:25 2004

I’ve got to tell you they are totally cool!!!!the best of the best!!!!
Edwin Joseph from Cebu City Philllipines <www.edwinjoseph2004 (at)>
Thu Oct 7 22:25:38 2004

they rock dude!!!!
Edwin Joseph from Cebu City Philllipines <www.edwinjoseph2004 (at)>
Thu Oct 7 22:23:33 2004

i love you.
Uzoagba from ABA OWERRI <Uzoagba01 (at)>
Sat Oct 2 14:43:23 2004

I think I was first sent a link to Whale Barry about 10 years ago. Ever since then I have popped on the web to find it and ammuse myself again and again. Now a new member of our team at work has been introduced to Whale Barry – and it takes me back to when I first saw it myself.

The funniest thing on the web since ‘the big red button’ and ‘meat’.


Ebob from Portsmouth UK <ebob (at)>
Thu Sep 30 5:42:55 2004

Hey, we’re looking for anyone who has a picture of the Oldsmobile Regency that was crushed by falling whale blubber…I cannot find any reasonably hi-rez photos on the Web. Thanks!
Matthew Treder, news editor, The Springfield News from Springfield, OR U.S. <news (at)>
Tue Sep 21 14:15:26 2004

I’ve never laughed so hard in my life !!!! Thank you USA 6×6
Dieselhammer from Colorado U S A
Sat Aug 14 10:11:57 2004

m from Groveland / CA USA
Tue Aug 10 22:56:16 2004

Jörg Knochen from Berlin germany
Sun Jul 18 7:25:27 2004

Attention On Deck! This is the absolute Funniest thing I’ve EVER seen/heared! Thank you whom ever put this site up for having the foresite to share such volumes of humor with the rest of the world. Be assured that people all over California, Mexico, Canada, Spain, England, Germany and Belize have pissed on themselves laughing sooo hard for soooo long. I LOVE YOU!!!
Oscar from Los Angeles/CA USA <sdzeta (at)>
Thu Jun 10 16:59:50 2004

Is there a game? If not, I’ve made one. Come to Hong Kong and buy it!

This is funny as hell.

zxgf from none Hong Kong
Thu Apr 15 6:51:20 2004

MMMMM… exploding whaaaaaaaaaaaale… ::drool::
anyway, this clearly demonstrates the intersection of two important principles:

1. If brute force doesn’t work you’re not using ENOUGH
2. There is no problem that can not be solved through the judicious application of ENOUGH high explosive

The US Navy whale disposal team (yes, they have one) recomended using AT LEAST 1 full ton of TNT in oreder to vaporise the whale. There is only so much one can do with a 8 ton carcase.

Joshua D Shaw from Richardson, TX USA <savagedoc45 (at)>
Fri Apr 9 13:55:55 2004

Kuta from Legian Indonesia <kuta (at)>
Wed Mar 31 11:24:26 2004

Good site!
Diet Pills from Dayton USA <johnmdaniels1954 (at)>
Wed Mar 31 11:11:00 2004

saw the footage on the tv absolute crack up, its the audio that makes it so funny
keith from bunbury aus.
Sun Mar 28 19:37:34 2004

Good site!
Diet Pills from Dayton USA <johnmdaniels1954 (at)>
Thu Mar 25 14:42:46 2004

Thanks for sharing this piece of journalistic excellence. Great writing, great drama, unbelivable.

Steve Digby

Steve Digby from Dallas TX USA < (at)>
Fri Mar 19 8:55:30 2004

I read about this in the Texas Fish & Game magazine and had to check it out for myself!Something I would have never thought would happen!Cool page!
Katie Riley from Victoria,Texas U.S.A.
Tue Mar 16 14:59:26 2004

Great page… It is funny that my last name is Hackstadt and the wedsite is! Never knew there was such a thing! Once agian great web page!
Emily Hackstadt from IL. U.S.
Fri Mar 12 18:50:47 2004

This episode could have been an alternate ending to the falling sperm whale episode in Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series. Only rather than the pot of petunias saying, “Oh no, not again,” it could have been the whale! You gotta love it!
Quinn from Irvine, CA US of A
Tue Mar 9 9:33:26 2004

I love this news story. I got a copy of it over 15 years ago from some news editors I used to work with. I keep a copy at the ofice and one at home – Watching it is one of my favorite stress relievers. It also helps me keep a little perspective when I have to go cover stories that are less than enjoyable. Thanks for sharing it and all the background info too.
Rebecca from Texas US
Sun Feb 15 8:00:48 2004

Another whale explodes…this one self-detonated in Tiawan. could this be the work of Al Qaida?
See the link below

Andy from wiltshire UK <topaz172 (at)>
Sat Jan 31 7:57:13 2004

Leander from NSW Australia
Thu Jan 29 21:40:52 2004

This is the greatest thing I have ever seen. Thank you.
dan from nj usa
Thu Jan 29 20:20:25 2004

It happened again … ha!
Terry from Austin, Texas USA
Thu Jan 29 15:08:03 2004

I actually hunted this story down after reading an “Oddly Enough” piece off Reuters. LOL! The story is about a Sperm whale on a flat bed truck going for autopsy. The gasses, from decomposing tissues, reached critical point and the whale messily exploded. How else is a whale going to explode? The latest story will keep the old story alive.Thank you for having it accessible after all these years.
Wirt from Mass USA
Thu Jan 29 14:35:35 2004

This just in! A new “exploding whale” story! While no explosives were involved, the result was pretty much the same:

(Link may not work for all.)

Jinx McHue from Great White North USA
Wed Jan 28 13:55:03 2004

I think HEARTBROKEN from SHUTUP has more issues then exploding dead whales! And yes I thought it was funny! Of course we learn from our mistakes. As for all you American haters our there, we’re more reasonable than you think. However, we’ll never understand your positions because we aren’t blinded by jealousy or envy when we think of other nations.
Kyler from Lakeville USA <Kydaman19 (at)>
Sun Jan 11 22:49:26 2004

I was born in 1962, and hadn’t quite turned 9 when the incident happened. I remember watching Mr. Linnman on channel 2 news in my home in Corvallis, Oregon, when they showed the tape. This was before we had VCRS and even video tape. Anyway, I’ve told the story many times, but until I found this website, most folks wouldn’t believe me. Thanks for building this site and giving credibility to an incredible story! -John B
John Burkett from Portland, OR US <jburkett2 (at)>
Thu Jan 8 22:24:54 2004

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Aad from Hillegom Nederland <info (at)>
Sat Jan 3 6:54:52 2004

just visited ur exploding whale site! funniest thing i ever saw! R.O.F.L.M.A.O.!!!
“nonna”laurel from erie, pa usa
Fri Jan 2 14:45:00 2004