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Paul Arber from New Jersey USA <paul (at)>
Mon Oct 31 7:32:50 2005


kinda kool

duh from duh duh
Wed Oct 5 8:26:49 2005

this is a bunch of crap
josh mcfeder from MI USA
Wed Oct 5 8:25:10 2005

I have lived here all my life and poor paul Lindman the reporter is still here too. A week does not go by that this story does not come up. I laugh my head off every time! My father inlaw owned a gas station on the coast and he said they repaired the damaged car in the video and NEVER got the smell of whale out of it.
jim from beaverton OR USA
Thu Sep 22 9:51:34 2005

Thats tops! What else are you supposed to do with a dead whale? I’ve never really thought about where whales go to die anyway, i guess they just sink. Anyway, if anyone’s interested, we just blew one up down here in OZ – it wasnt dead but dying – before anyone gets upset – numerous attempts were made to move it, see
for photos.
Emma Bell from NSW Australia <elmbell (at)>
Wed Sep 14 22:01:50 2005

funyn shit
s from s s <s>
Tue Aug 30 19:13:46 2005

Just think for a sec……Around the time of this incident, dumb Americans like this had us on the edge of destruction/thier fingers on the button during the cold war.

I’m not saying that all Americans are dumb…just the ones that go around waving guns, dynamite sticks, and launch keys…..

luckytobealive from Newfie Canada <thar (at)>
Thu Jul 28 16:42:38 2005

Just think for a sec……Around the time of this incident, dumb Americans like this had us on the edge of destruction/thier fingers on the button during the cold war.

I’m not saying that all Americans are dumb…just the ones that go around waving guns, dynamite sticks, and launch keys…..

luckytobealive from Newfie Canada <thar (at)>
Thu Jul 28 16:25:54 2005

Congratulations on the new layout. Keep it up to date as a celebrity 🙂
Mark Watson from Tampa USA <mark_ww354 (at)>
Sun Jul 24 7:52:31 2005

Yesterday afternoon, I caught the story about the exploding whale, as the story was being told, I started to giggle
as I watch the towns men, loading crates of TNT, around the
dead whale. I went into full laughter when the TV Reporter
after the TNT went off, All you could hear was this thumping sound, as he looked around, it was hugh chunks of whale meat falling from the sky, and either it was the reporter car or someone eles, A ton of whale meat fell on top of his car and cause the roof to cave in, into the car.
and it tooks weeks for the whale smell to finally leave the beach area. So who got the last laugh, I think the whale did.
Colleen Dale from sharon hill pa USA
Mon Jul 18 8:25:40 2005

As cockups go this one is a classic never have i seen such stupidity shown by local government offcials i can tell you now i had a really good laugh at this one you have made my day.
John walker from Ayrshire UK
Sun Jul 17 10:51:24 2005

really good one, but i would stick more with updating and fresh data. this will help a lot to play.
James Beckett from Miami USA <james194r (at)>
Sat Jul 16 19:00:41 2005

Love the site!
Pirate Chief from Atlas Nigeria <piratechief (at)>
Wed Jun 29 14:28:44 2005

That tape is so tottaly awsome! I love when the guts fly everywhere!
Stealth Devil from Bellevue, Washington USA <Bridgieboo2002 (at)>
Fri May 20 8:07:17 2005

Oh the Humanity!
How does this one stack up to the exploding Sperm Whale of down town Singapore..Taiwan?? The one that was enroute from a beach on a tractor trailer. I guess they meant to haul it out farther into the country for compost…..but…..The only route went through Downtown.
And..right when it was going through a metro intersection….it exploded all by itself! The town was painted red with whale gut streamers. Noon rush hour too I think. Any vids on that one?
Fascinating! Exploding Leviathans and Humanity!!
Larry Williams from Riverside, CA USA <larionfire (at)>
Thu May 12 20:21:28 2005

I can’t believe that I’ve never seen this before. Not having been there to get close up and personal with the flying whale parts, I thought it hysterical…what a hoot!
Oftentimes, the truth is the funniest, don’t you agree?
Bonnie from Glasgow, MT USA
Tue May 10 0:45:32 2005

I first saw this video while on jury duty in the late 80s. There were about 50 us sitting in a room waiting to be called, sleepy and bored. One of the potential jurors walked in and plunked a video of this event into the VCR. I have to tell you… the room exploded with laughter, so hard that most of us had tears in our eyes. It was absolutely hysterical and gave us lots to talk about the rest of the day.
T. Dehaven from Seattle, WA USA
Thu May 5 9:47:43 2005

Kay Shapero from California USA
Thu Apr 28 18:05:41 2005

Good day, My name is Queen Elizibeth II i would just like to say i loved your web page and am going to blow up a whale as well. Say hi to ya mum for me. Luv Forever Lizzy.
Queen Elizibeth II from WINDSOR ENGLAND <thequeen (at)>
Tue Apr 26 17:00:05 2005

I could guarantee I never killed or harmed a whale (or even a dog, or a cat, or a fern, or even a rat, or whatever), nor will I do so. I just don’t understand about people getting angry enough to almost kill about some other people telling a story (yup, only telling a story) about those in Oregon trying to remove an *already dead* whale (they did *not* kill it – it was already dead, they simply did something unwise in trying to remove it). So, don’t be angry, just enjoy the funny side. That is what our sense of humor is for, isn’t it? Here, nobody seems so angry, thankfully, but I have seen some other sites, where the feedbacks were angrier.
Jos S. from Blacksburg US <jsulisty AT ee DOT vt DOT edu>
Fri Apr 22 23:28:28 2005

Some people even made death threats?

Makes me miss the “good” old days, when one could call a spade a spade and worse…

Jos S. from Blacksburg US <jsulisty AT ee DOT vt DOT edu>
Fri Apr 22 23:09:46 2005

Absolutely the most hilarious thing I have ever seen! I don’t know which is funnier, the people oohing when the whale exploded and aahing when the whale’s remains fell on top of them after the blast or the 400 lb reminant landing on that poor guy’s car. It’s tough to decide but when you factor in the reporter’s description of the event, you cannot top this for being, unintentionally, the most outrageously funny thing I have ever seen! It’s awesome stuff that keeps me laughing whenever I think about the video. Thnaks for making me howl whenever I think about “the infamous exploding whale”.
Robert E. Moran from Redding USA <remoran (at)>
Wed Apr 20 20:17:04 2005

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Raymond sakura from stars mars <theforumguy (at)>
Thu Apr 7 1:10:51 2005

Oregon is filled with idiots…
Caleb Florez from Las Cruces NM United States <mcbeaner04 (at)>
Thu Mar 31 1:21:25 2005

love the blast. I used spot remover on my dog now he’s gone
james biggs from maryland usa <jbiggs01 (at)>
Thu Mar 3 18:19:23 2005

This is hilarious!!
Nate from CA USA <fnsh05 (at)>
Fri Feb 25 23:00:05 2005

I’m not sure which I enjoyed more, the ‘exploding whale’ video, which I had no trouble downloading, or the archived comments to the site. Most of the feedback was of course positive, but I really couldn’t understand the ravings of a person who claimed they would kill the person responsible if they had the opportunity.

I don’t get it. A whale dies. Whale of a problem. Use dynamite, the american way, shades of John Wayne and Randolph Scott. Instant sushi for the masses. And someone claims they would kill? For blowing up a dead fish?

Now THAT’S funny!!

Quite amusing, and, thank you.


Gabriel Bouvier from Trondheim Norway <gabrielbouvier (at)>
Mon Feb 7 15:27:44 2005

I may be a little insensitive but that video is so damn cool. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!
it’s like…………..shitman
Longh55 from here somewhere <youdon’tneedtoknowthat (at)>
Wed Feb 2 12:29:59 2005

This is hilarious. A laugh out loud slice of life. Thanks.
Katy from Chicago USA
Tue Jan 25 4:49:54 2005

Some of the feedback notes are almost as funny as the whale explosion itself. Example: “I found this sight and many others concerning the exploding whale very interesting. Whales are the most beautiful living creatures and I still found these sights very interesting and meaningful. ”
Haha, yes. there’s nothing more meaningful of beautiful than chunks of whale flying through the air.
Maria from Toronto Canada
Mon Jan 10 21:37:31 2005

cool cool i like it
jessica from ohio usa <jamie_900_12 (at)>
Sat Jan 8 18:50:47 2005